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Rymalower Young Men's Benevolent Association

Fall 2016  

Our Latest News Letter!

Remember, after over 100 years we are still here and still accepting new members. Family and Friends of our Rymalower members are welcome!

First Rymalower Young Men’s B.A. Inc.



First Rymalower Young Men’s B.A. Inc.


Dear Sisters and Brothers,

                  We want to take this opportunity to wish all of our members and their families a Happy and Healthy New Year. This has been quite a year with the terror attacks, social unrest and political turbulence. We try in our family gathering to stick to safe topics like sports and weather. 


                  Our next meeting of the officers will take place on Saturday, November 5, 2016 at the home of our Financial Secretary RUBIN DRUCKER. If you wish a matter discussed, please let him know.


                  We want to welcome new members to our organization:

                  IRENE BOCHNER who is the daughter of one of our founding fathers—SIMON WOHL.



                  MAZEL TOV to RICHARD and NATALIE NATHANSON on the birth of a son, HENRY LOUIS, to their son ERIC and his wife ELIZABETH. Another future member?


                  Unfortunately, we also have bad news to report. We regret to announce the passing of Sister MYRNA WEXLER. Our condolences to her husband OWEN WEXLER and their entire family. Sadly, more recently we have lost another member CLAIRE SCHNEIER. Our condolences to IRWIN SCHNEIER. Our deepest sympathy to GARY and YAEL GERSHONI on the loss of their son RON. Condolences go to LYNDA FRIEDMAN and family on the passing of IRA FRIEDMAN.


                  BROTHER JONAS PASTERNAK managed to survive the Holocaust as a boy by hiding in a forest and helping those in concentration camps. His resting place is under a tree in Israel. Our condolences to his wife LUCIA, his children and Sister BETTY RATCHICK and all his family.


                  Finally, condolences to the DRUCKER family on the loss of LOUIS DRUCKER, brother of RUBIN and Sister MARILYN BENNETT.


We continue to exist and try to keep up with the times. We have a website (www.rymalower.com) and are on Facebook (friend us).  If you have members of your growing family eligible for membership, please consider having them join.  New members, especially the descendants of our long time members, are especially welcome and encouraged to join this part of their heritage.


                   And then the inevitable…if you owe dues for 2016 it will be indicated below.



RUBIN DRUCKER, FIN. SECY.                                                    ERIC WEISSBROT, PRESIDENT             

4 Croyden Road, NY 11501

Mineola, New York, 11501

1(516) 741-0648                                                                             CARL NADLER, VICE-PRES.



www. rymalower.com










Dear Sisters and Brothers,

                  Our next meeting will be held on Sunday, November 8th, 2015 at 12:30 p.m. at the home of our Financial Secretary RUBIN DRUCKER whose address appears below. If you cannot attend and wish a matter discussed, please let him know.


                  The organization endures as we enter our second century. We continue to welcome new members. While times have certainly changed, this organization represents continuity and change.  Generational needs change and we now offer links to an ever more distant past while providing opportunities for new connections and contacts (be they face-to-face or via electronic connection). We continue to provide for the pragmatic benevolent society needs of members including burial privileges. We hope you encourage your nearest and dearest to consider joining.


                  We are happy to welcome two new members—Dr. GARY and ESTHER GUMPERT.


Time flies. ZOE STOLLER, granddaughter of Sister CONSTANCE BERGER and our late Brother HARRY Z. BERGER is now a student at the University of Pennsylvania.


MAZEL TOV to Brother KENNETH and Sister DARCI WEISSBROT on the birth of a girl to their daughter DR. ELLERIE WEISSBROT and her husband GRAHAM.


MAZEL TOV to Brother MARK WILENSKY and his family on the birth of a son HARRISON to daughter ALEXA and her husband ROBERT.


Keep the good news coming. Please keep in contact. We have email (rubyd@optonline.net), a website (www.rymalower.com) and Facebook.  We would like to keep adding to our website so we can provide a resource for our members and others doing historical research on genealogy, history of the Rymalower area and even historic landsmannschaft. If you have any relevant photos or other materials which can be digitized we would happily add them to our website.


                  It is never too late to wish everyone a good NEW YEAR and that is our wish to all our members and their families.





RUBIN DRUCKER, FIN. SECY.                                                    ERIC WEISSBROT, PRESIDENT              4 Croyden Road

Mineola, NY 11501

1(516) 741-0648                                                                             CARL NADLER, VICE-PRES.





Fall 2013 Newsletter is now available!
The Rymalower is  going digital:
 Members: Think about introducing your children and grandchildren to this organization which has been an important part of their family histories for so long.  New members are being accepted! 

November 1930

Welcome to our web site!

The Rymalower Young Men’s Benevolent Association was formed in 1913 by a group of young immigrants to New York from Galicia, in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire (today part of the Ukraine). This Landsmanschaften served the purpose of providing friendships and support in good times and bad. The organization survives to this day composed of the descendents of the original “young men” and their extended families. This remains a living and evolving organization welcoming both men and women as members.

We hope this website is of interest to our members and those interested in organizations such as our or the history of immigrants from Europe to the U.S. in the early part of the 20th century.

Eric N. Weissbrot, President
Carl Nadler, Vice President
Rubin Drucker, Financial Sec'y

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On this page we will announce our upcoming events.

We invite you to visit us or attend an event. Our members are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the organization and how you can join.

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