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The Next Generations

This area is devoted to contributions by the generations that followed the founders.

 Poem by Emily Rosa Drucker (12 years old)
Daughter and granddaughter of our  current members and great granddaughter of one of the founding members, Julius Weissbrot.

                                                   Prayer Book

                                              (A Holocaust Poem)

                                                 By Emily Drucker


                               I carried it through

                                  It held me true

                               I let it go, to give to you

                              You need it more than I do

                               Indentation on the binding

                          Pages turning, words are winding

                                   Intermingling in the air

                          Symbols of hatred here and there

                                  The number on my arm

                                    Really does no harm

                          Only to my soul, that’s the only toll


                                  Head down shoulders wide

                                   People looking side to side

                                 On occasion scraps of bread

                                    Many dying for a shred

                                No one knows our destination

                                   I hope it’s my imagination

                                No possession, nothing mine

                              I’m really wishing for some sign

                    I heard from a guard that they’re on their way

                        Please help me God, what else can I say?



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